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Slip-Sliding Away
Hunters had been salivating over a huge buck for a couple of years. It was seen often enough to tantalize beholders and haunt their dreams, but it was never spotted during hunting season. With the clock winding down - on the last day of Iowa's 200...

All the time and effort spent with the landowner has paid off. At last you’ve gained permission to bowhunt his property. The only problem is that the hunting season starts in two weeks. Because of our choice of a short-range weapon, we bowhunters ...

Just One Week
If you had only one week to hunt, would you hunt the rut, pre-rut or early season?

-- Anyone who was rifle hunting in Missouri on opening weekend of 2013 will remember the horrible weather conditions — 70 degrees and 30 mile per hour winds. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was hunting with my wife Bryannon in Benton County, just...

The People's Choice
Firsts are memorable: First kiss. First .22 rifle. And, of course, that first deer. Mine came in early light, a jumped buck, one shot at 35 yards with a Model 94 carbine, just like the one comic-book hero Red Ryder trusted. The forkhorn danced a j...

Yamaha Viking FI 4x4 Giveaway
Yamaha Launches 2014 National Hunting and Fishing Day Sweepstakes

Buckmasters Big Red Chili
Buckmasters annual Chili Cook-off is an event Buckmasters employees look forward to each fall. Everyone has a great time whether they're entered into the chili competition, the Halloween costume contest or simply standing by with a spoon, a judge'...

Slingshot Scent Mortars
For years I’ve tried to weigh the risk of putting out my favorite scents versus the risk of adding my human scent around the area I’m about to hunt.

If Ever There Was an Omen
Seeing a great buck with a doe while he was driving to his hunting spot primed Todd Bailey's pump. The deer were in a soccer field within a mile of his destination, and it wasn't even 3:00. It was no ordinary buck, either. Todd figured it for a 16...

Proactive Tactics
The bruiser buck started to side-hill toward my stand. As I reached for my bow, flashbacks of past encounters started to run through my mind. I had seen this buck several times, and each time he detoured far enough to stay out of bow range. I had...

Pennsylvania deer harvest up 3 percent for 2013-14
From Pennsylvania Game Commission -- During Pennsylvania’s 2013-14 seasons, hunters harvested an estimated 352,920 deer, an increase of about 3 percent compared to the previous seasons’ harvest of 343,110.

Missouri testing shows no new CWD cases
From Missouri Department of Conservation -- Test results of 3,666 free-ranging deer harvested during and after Missouri’s 2013 deer-hunting season, show no additional cases of chronic wasting disease in the state’s free-ranging deer.

Now You See Him...
I have a question on the eyesight of deer and other wild animals concerning the lack of camouflage. You see outfitters wearing blue jeans while the hunter is completely covered in camo.

The 8-point Showgirl!
-- It was puzzling. By the second weekend of the 2013 firearms season, I was perplexed by the lack of buck activity. That’s when I crossed paths with the most unusual deer I’ve ever seen. My family has 220 acres in central Minnesota. We’ve been hu...

Deer Rifles East and West
There used to be a marked difference between what was considered an Eastern deer rifle and a Western deer rifle. Characterized by the slab-sided Marlin and Winchester lever actions, the typical Eastern deer rifle was short, fast-handling and capab...

Rake Path of Least Resistance
After reading the February 11, 2014, Tip of the Week, "Rake Away Crunchables," I thought of a similar tactic I've used for many years to help put whitetails in front of me. I use a rake to create a path for the deer in strategic areas around and le...

Need Buck, Will Travel
Kenny Mallett of Iowa, La., was fired up about the '08 deer season. In 2007, his brother-in-law, Doug Johnstone, had leased a small farm in Benton County, Mo.  Doug, who had been stationed in Missouri while in the Air Force, knew the area had...

Backtrack a Buck
Old Man Winter was conspiring with Mother Nature to ruin my day. It had been snowing sideways for several hours. Worse yet, it was so cold my eyelids were beginning to freeze shut. I mean, I had to bite off my mitt and literally pry my eyes open t...

Gut Feeling
Feeding deer, or even using baits and attractants, should always be given careful consideration, especially in areas with harsh winters.

Muzzleloader Miracle
-- During the spring of 2013, I fell in love with my very first bow purchase, a Mathews Passion. I spent the rest of that spring, summer and fall practicing with it. Because I’d been out of town, I had to miss the first few days of the season, bu...
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