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Planting Apple Trees
My question is, are apples a good food source for deer, and if so, how many trees are needed?

Hunt from a treestand?
From Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism -- Fall-restraint systems can be a life-saving tool when hunting from a treestand. The deer rut can be some of the best hunting all year for bowhunters, but with the whirlwind of activity, some h...

An Ounce of Prevention
By Chris Nix / Wildlife Biologist -- Each year, thousands of hunters climb trees in excess of 20 feet and hunt from platforms that they might not have inspected prior to the hunting season.

Catoosa County Countdown
-- Being a novice hunter, I needed all the help I could get. A couple of my hunting friends must've answered about a thousand of my questions, and I searched YouTube for videos about every aspect of deer hunting I could possibly think of. I spen...

Bust Claybirds on a Budget
Shotgunning is more art than science. That’s painfully obvious when you hunt quail, ducks, pheasants or any other upland birds. Carefully aim a shotgun as you do a rifle, and you’ll miss every time. Even if birds rained from the sky every time you...

Troy Landry's Crawfish Étouffée Stuffed Peppers
In 2012, I had the privilege of sitting down with Troy Landry for a few moments at the Buckmasters Expo. While he and his sons were taking a break from signing autographs at the Swamp People booth, Troy and I spoke at the lunch table about his lov...

Ah, Illinois!
Four of us travel to Illinois every year with dreams of lugging one of those monstrous corn-fed whitetails back home. Last season, I got to do just that! Our crew consists of my lifelong friend Aubrey "Butterball" Boothe, Barry Payne, Craig Vail ...

Treestand Treats!
Years ago while hunting in Mexico, I picked up one of the simplest, most useful hunting tips I've ever received. Take a handful of hard candy with you before heading to your stand, and keep it in your pocket within easy reach.

A Fling and a Prayer
“You do realize that once you see one of those big-bodied bucks running across a cornfield, you’ll never be the same?” It was more of a warning than a question, posed by Buckmasters editor Ken Piper. He figured I’d be spoiled for life after my upco...

Why I Like ARs (America's Rifle)
When my father purchased his first deer rifle, I was only 8 years old. Up until that time, Dad hunted with either a borrowed rifle or his Winchester Model 12 shotgun.

Deer Behavior In Bad Weather
 Bob, After Hurricane Katrina passed through the Gulf Coast, it lingered in our part of Alabama for several days.

Patience of a Child
-- I want to tell you a story of a shy child who has been taught a great love for the outdoors by his father and has displayed patience that truly amazes me. Landon Hooper was only eight when he took his first deer in Fisherville, Kentucky. It wa...

U.S. Army Awards Otis Technology
On Tuesday, September 24, 2013, Otis Technology was awarded a three-year contract to provide gun cleaning supplies to the U.S. Army. Otis Technology has been a defense contractor for the U.S. Government since the early 1990s and has provided a vari...

The 4x4 - Rifle Not Your Father's Mossberg
Recently I traveled to Wyoming to test a new rifle from, of all people, Mossberg. Sure, Mossberg makes great shotguns, but it isn’t the name that comes to mind when the talk turns to hunting rifles. I’d shot the company’s 100 ATR before and though...

Feather & Floss Wind Indicator
Bird hunters, save the downy feathers from your pheasants, doves, quail and grouse for a foolproof feather wind indicator. I like to attach a feather to an 8 to 12 inch length of dental floss, then tie the other end to my gun barrel and let the feat...

O Buck, Where Art Thou?
If the name Esker sounds familiar and the photo on the cover looks even more so, you might want to look back at the Winter 2009/2010 issue of Rack magazine. The smiling hunter is Scott Esker, shown with his 2008 buck. This time, Steve Esker is out...

Kentucky allows night hunting for coyotes
From Kentucky Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources -- New regulations allow hunters to use a shotgun to take coyotes at night year round. Lights or night vision equipment can only be used from February 1 through May 31.

Reading Rubs
The buck was only a 6-pointer. Barry Henningsen wasn’t interested in tagging it, so instead of drawing his bow, the 52-year-old Manassas, Va., resident stood stone-still in his portable stand and watched the buck ease up to a small tree. Henningse...

Turnips & Clover
Bob, in late spring, I planted turnips along with some Imperial Whitetail Clover. The clover needs to be mowed, but I don't want to harm the turnips. Is this possible?

Bucking Cancer
-- You might remember Indiana's Danny Terril, who made the BTR Record Book in 2011 with a buck scoring 169 3/8 inches composite. Unfortunately, last season Danny was struck with pancreatic cancer.  On September 24, 2012, the avid bowhunter h...
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