Hello to all MD Hunters!
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21 Nov 2009 04:57 AM  

Hey whats up guys? Im new here, Ive been reading D&DH mags for a long time now I think there the best hunting mags out. My dad gives them to me when hes done with them I figured they hadda web site and seen forums...and Now that I seen a MD section thats even cooler! Well im 23 years old, Ive been in the woods since i was 2 started hunting at 12 (Compound bow) and I recently got my cross bow permit so now I am hunting with crossbow now  (too all u Crossbow haters!! LOL) I duno why we hate crossbow hunters...I hated them when i was compound but I guess its the hole scope and trigger thing...I duno I shoot one and get hated on now too so LOL it is what it is. \
But anyway, Me and my father are 2 professional deer hunters. We hunt Patapsco State park and have been doing so for 20 years now. Harvesting over 200 deer in the 20 years. Now we've picked up on some private property, we've hunted once its like a little 20 acre land in a suburban area, we see MASSIVE buck prints and scrapes but never see the deer! We're thinking either A.) they are coming threw in the morning OR B.) they are coming threw there at liek 3am or something. I told my dad and of course (hes a old timer) wont get a trail cam or anything. (WHICH SUX LOL) So i duno...Today we are going to go try out there in Loch Raven. I hear its a Mad House with hunters all over the place....But since its November (FINALLY!!! YAY BABY!!!) and the rut IS IN!, Im hoping well have some scattered deer running around. If you have hunted L.R. yet, and had experienced any good spots would u be willing to share with a fellow brother? (Of course not...and dont send me in the opposite way either! LOL)
What are some key things and strategies to have in mind or to work on to make my hunt THAT much better. I seen in a book of mine that IF you are up in a tree shooting DOWN on a deer at 15-20 yds, you don't aim dead center because of the hypotenuse of the trajectory? is that true? if there are other things like that theory above or anything else yall could help me out making me hunt better it would be greatly appreciated. I have only shot 1 deer my entire hunting career i shot one small one about 10 years ago!!! and it sucks!!!! my dad tells me my time will come its all part of the game and dont give up...(which im not i love sitting in the woods) yall take care and hope to hear from someone on here soon!

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