New NYC Hunter Seeking Mentor
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22 Apr 2009 10:10 PM  
To those of you used to the sport it might seem a bit silly but it'd be really great if I could find someone experienced to hunt with.  Knowing what to do, where to go, the laws, the etiquette, it's intimidating to a newbie looking to get started.  I have my hunter education course, handgun and rifle/shotgun licenses (I know you non-NYC dwellers will chuckle at my needing that), and I've even gone hog hunting a couple times in Texas with a friend (no luck either time).  Next week I'll go on a guide turkey hunt in upstate NY but it's expensive and not something I can afford to do regularly.

I'm sure experienced hunters are able to make it both economical and fun but I need to learn how so I can one day pass the knowledge on to my son.  I have a car and can buy anything I need and don't yet have.  If you live in NYC, and don't have too many hunting buddies, don't hesitate get in touch with me.  Thanks.

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