Looking for a New Hampshire Hunting Partner
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19 Sep 2008 01:08 AM  

I live in NH and the last 7 years I've hunted alone because my father who is now elderly has alhymers, so I lost my best hunting buddy.

I am a Hunter Ed Instructor for the state of NH. I'd like to meet other hunters to go out and hunt whitetail deer. I'm only interested in hunting with individuals that hold high safety standards and ethics. If you're just looking for a new place to hunt please pass on by. I am a serious hunter and am serious about looking for a partner, not Joe Smoe looking for a place to hunt.

If you're not an experienced hunter but want to learn, thats OK. I like teaching the art of tracking, etc... If you're experienced Great! We can learn from each other and trade stories and make new ones.

We all must be very careful in choosing a hunting partner and should only hunt with those that hunt and think like we do. So yes, there will be a screening out process, hey you may not think like me and may not want to hunt with me, it works both ways.

Also, you have to have the time to go hunting, not just weekends. Finally, If your wife gives you %%^$% over your hunting then you may not want to hook up with me. I don't need to get in the middle of that stuff. If you're like me mine loves it when I go hunting. It's her vacation from me

OK, are you sick of hunting alone or with others that don't quit cut it? Lets talk.
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03 Nov 2009 05:35 PM  

I just started hunting seriously last year.  I am a 29 year old veteran of the USMC.  I have alot of time on my hands, and want to do as much hunting as possible.  I live in Manchester, and would like to meet up sometime if possible.  You can email me at simardsteven@yahoo.com if you like.  Thanks

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