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20 Nov 2009 02:26 AM  

I'm looking for partners to hunt with.

    I live in Holden,Mo in Johnson Co. Mo. I realy like to  deer hunt although I do hunt alone. I truely would like to hunt with others that I can learn from. I have shot my 1rst buck in 11-07 . I baught my 1rst  Winchester 270 rifle last fri.  Then sat mornin went out to my favorite spot. around 7:45 am i seen my 1rst buck when i looked thru my scope i seen only 3 points so i didn't get it.

    I was realy wantin it to have atleast 4 points on one side. big sigh. but it didn't    

     If you wanna share your hunting with me  i'll get my boots on .....i'm ready  

    Email me.

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