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25 Sep 2009 05:47 PM  
I am looking for Illinois resident hunters who are sick of the lack of opportunities to hunt in Illinois. Illinois keeps allowing more and more non-residents in every year. I have lost 3 of 4 properties I use to have permission to. The reason I have lost them is because I am a middle-class and not upper-class person. I can't afford these outrageous hunting leases.

Leasing and outfittersare ruining hunting in Illinois. We are ranked 48th in the nation for public hunting land and working class hunters can no longer afford to hunt quality land in Illinois. It's really sad. Wealth now buys big deer. If we don't do something, we'll turn into Texas where you have to buy your hunts.

How can we protect our hunting heritage if I can't afford to get new hunters into hunting? How can we afford to take kids hunting if we are so limited to land?

I am encouraging all members to contact their Illinois state congressmen to enact legislation to guarantee more opportunities to residents.

Any ideas out there for legislation?

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