elk hunting
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11 Jun 2010 05:50 PM  
you got it.
can't sleep at night,
wake up in deep sweets.
tv always on the outdoor channel.
counting down the days.
yep you have it bad.
doc. says there is no cure,
but rights you out a proscription,
it reads,
To the wife,husban,girlfriend or boyfriend,
the holder of this tag must take proscribed time off
as dated on license, and to hunt as required to
recover from this anxiety.
further more any unnessary arguements concerning this may lead to further depression.
Remember this cure is only temperrary, lasting the entirety of the hunt and a couple weeks after.
Then a new license needs to be applied for.

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17 Jun 2010 06:34 PM  
I need a few of these to carry around!

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