Deer #6, first deer ever called in with rattlebag
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27 Oct 2011 06:18 PM  
This past Tuesday evening, there was a buck chasing does all over and around one of my food plots. I couldn't get a look at antler size, since I forgot my binocs and it was getting dark. I tried a bleat can, a grunt call, and no result. I hit the rattle bag and he came charging in to about 150 yards and then realized he didn't see the two bucks fighting. The Winchester mod. 70 .270 took out both shoulders, both lungs, and shredded the heart, and the little dink still ran about 30 yards. I was disappointed when I saw he was only a dinky spike with about 2" of antler, but it's his own fault for coming in to the rattle sequence!!!!!!!!!
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