Huntin' Camp and Adding Friends
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18 Jul 2007 01:31 PM  

In the Huntin' Camp section you can create a profile that allows photo albums, video uploads, your own blogs, guest books, many other options and also Adding Friends.

The Huntin' Camp section can be found by clicking on the Interactive drop down menu.  Home, Interactive, Media and so on across the top of the page.  Check them all out!!!!  Many great features for this site.

This profile set up is fun and can be personalized to make it your own style.  You can add a module for Friends.  If you view someone's profile and would like to add them as a friend, there is that option to click on at the top right of their profile, and this sends them a request.

Every request is independent and is not bi-directional.

Here is an example:

If someone request you as a friend and you approve them, they show up on the requestors profile. If you want them to show up on yours you also have to send a request and they in turn have to approve it.

Average Joe sends you a request and you approve it.
Result=You now appear on Average Joe's friend list.

You then send Average Joe a request and he approves it.
Result=Average Joe shows up on your list.

If Average Joe denies your request he will not show up on your list,
but if you previously approved him you will still show up on his.

I hope this helps.




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