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24 Jul 2007 02:40 PM  
The Subscriptions tab on my profile does not seem to be working. Or at least not like it did on the old forum anyway. It does show the threads that I subscribed to, but the name of the thread or post is not clickable, like it was on the old thread. I hope it is suppose to be click about anyway, like it was on the old forum.

I don't know if anyone has noticed this yet, or even said anything about it yet. But I just noticed it, when I went to click on the first of the 2 I now have in there. And I just added the second one and I went to the list to make sure it was there. And then I went to check on the other post to see if anything new was added, and it wasn't clickable.

Anyway thanks for the hard work you guys are putting into this new forum.
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