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07 Jan 2010 01:47 AM  

I was just wondering  where i go to sign I am handi-capped from an accident.I fell and fractured 4 vertbrae and herniated 3 disc.I havve nereve damage though out my left side of by body.So now all I can hunt with is a crossbow.so far I have not get one in 3 years.



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10 Jan 2010 01:34 AM  

SCI, Buckmasters and the Wild Turkey Federation all have disabled hunter groups that sponsor hunts around the country.

http://www.wheelinsportsmen.org/  (NWTF)

http://www.badf.org/  (Buckmasters)

http://www.scifirstforhunters.org/i...cfm?  (with SCI you have to contact local chapters)

additionally the PCBA (Physically Challenged Bowhunters Association) has hunts and a forum that lists hunts for people with disabilities.<!--Session data-->[script removed]




Hunt of a lifetime


Hunts of Hopes and Dreams



also, many local organizations are involved with handicapped hunts, you local sporting goods store may be able to help you locate some.  a local newspaper often lists press releases for local hunts as well.

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Also, why only a crossbow?  The TC Encore Pro Hunter has 40% recoil reduction in the stock, it also has a good but pad.  a friend of mine with similar issues just got one that I helped sight in.  With Remington's new Low Recoil ammo, the 308 felt recoil was comparable to an AR15 in 223 and it'll give you 200 yds or so for whitetail, pronghorn, mule deer and caribou.

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