PH Level and Planting... ??
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27 Nov 2009 02:24 PM  

Well I got my soil test back and I have a PH level of 4.6...... UGGGGGHHHHHHH

Now It would take 3 TONS of lime PER ACRE to bring the PH level up to where I could plant NO-PLOW..

This spot is in the woods and getting equipment in and that much lime would almost be impossible (almost)  ....

Does anyone know what I could grow in such a PH level.   This fellow the other night told me 'Winter Wheat" would grow in that ph level (I have to add he was tipping a few drinks when he told me that),

He also said Pumpkins and sunflowers would grow.    Does anyone know anything I could plant in such a ph level ????

Thanks for any info!!!

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