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08 Sep 2011 07:14 AM  
how good is a 9mm for self defence? i have one on layaway and before i start carrying it i want to know how effective it is... not necessarily to kill but to stop somebody? what ammunition would you recommend? hollow points? or solid tips?
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07 Jan 2013 11:01 PM  
9mm is perfect for self defense as long as you are aiming, like any other caliber.
You shoot till the bad guy goes down & no more after that if they are not a threat anymore.
Handgun is made to stop but will kill if in the right spot.
Hollow points are only thing you should use for carrying & self defense. Hollow points break up inside so there is less worry about over penetration.
Solid points are what you use to target/silhouette shooting at the range. As they will pass straight through what you are shooting at.

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