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30 Jan 2010 10:57 PM  
An owner of IMB called me and wanted to work out our differences in regards to my review of services provided to me during the Nov 7-11 2009 fully guided hunt in Missouri. We have both come to a resolution based on this discussion. It appears that IMB is very overwhelmed during the peak of the hunting season and that this may have been the reason that my phone calls and emails went unanswered. By not hearing back from IMB, I assumed that they had no intention of answering my complaints, as they pertained to the services provided on my fully guided hunt. However, I wanted to say that I am satisfied with our discussions and that I may have jumped the gun in getting the word out in regards to these issues, and for that, I apologize. It appears that IMB is willing to listen and make things right by their customers. Therefore, I am retracting any information regarding my recent posts on this webpage. Thank you.
Paul Smith

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