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Victory Archery has become recognized as an industry leader and pioneer with its innovative carbon arrow designs and micro-diameter arrow shafts. In 2018, the engineers at Victory continue on this legacy of making only the hardest hitting and toughest hunting arrows on the planet by introducing a truly revolutionary arrow design – High modulus 90 degree woven carbon fiber encapsulates layers of 304 stainless steel to create the all new XTORSION Arrow. No other arrow can match the impact force, penetration, or durability of this hybrid hunting arrow.

The XTORSION is unlike any arrow on the market. The shaft infuses 304 stainless steel with Victory’s legendary high-modulus carbon fiber for an arrow that offers maximum kinetic energy for hunting even the most dangerous game animals. Why Stainless Steel? Aluminum has been used in arrows for decades, but it is more malleable and susceptible to bending. By using a 304 Stainless Steel weave encapsulated by a 90-degree MAXXKE Carbon outer weave, Victory has created an incredibly accurate arrow that is whisper quiet in flight. The Victory XTORSION arrow offers greater kinetic energy and unparalleled penetration in a .204-diameter arrow.

The Victory Archery XTORSION arrow shafts are available in two straightness tolerances. The GAMER has +-.003” straightness tolerance and the SPORT a straightness rating of +-.006”. Each dozen has a +-0.5 gr weight tolerance, ensuring tighter groups at longer distances. They are available in 300, 350 and 400 spines.

The new XTORSION comes with Victory’s Shok aluminum inserts or can be upgraded to stainless steel inserts. The Shok inserts increase kinetic energy and Front-of-Center (FOC). Shok aluminum inserts are made of a high strength 7075 hard-anodized aluminum and weigh 30 grains. Shok 304 stainless steel inserts weigh 60 grains and both accept standard 8/32 thread broadheads.

All XTORSION shafts are digitally spine aligned and have Victory’s trademarked Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating, which bonds with the carbon on a molecular level. This coating assists with the unparalleled penetration the XTORSION Arrow has on even the biggest game animals. It also allows for easy arrow removal from targets during practice. Victory hand fletches every arrow with Bohning X-Vanes at a 2.5 degree helical. This gives each arrow optimal vane adhesion and alignment for even better accuracy.

Victory Archery is a pioneer in developing the most technologically advanced arrows. A team of engineers comprised of aerospace and composite material veterans at Victory Archery continually researches potential physical and chemical compounds in order to consistently bring leading edge products to market, first. Victory Archery offers a wide variety of products for both hunting and target shooters of all ages. For more information about Victory Archery visit, or call toll-free 866-934-6565.

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