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Facebook: Hunting's New Frontier?

I remember the first time I heard about Facebook. It was sometime around 2007 when one of my hunting buddies called to ask if I had an account. He said he wanted to "friend" me. After I finished laughing and asked him if he was late for his Girl Scout meeting, I told him our hunting club was going to nickname him Spaz and buy him a pocket protector for his bullets.

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The One That Haunts You

Cindy Cannady is not a professional artist. She's never had formal training, but simply has a love to create, a passion for the outdoors and a giving heart. Last year, while flipping through her boyfriend's copy of "Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine," Cindy was mesmerized by a photo of a deer arrowed by Jackie Bushman.

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In Doe vs. Fido, Doe Wins

A whitetail doe, or any female member of the deer family, can be one vicious mother, if need be. In fact, a protective mama is actually more likely to send a pet to the vet than a buck.

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What's Your Most Braggable Shot?

What's Your Most Braggable Shot? I've made so many unbelievably awesome shots, it's hard to pick just one. (Remember, we're bragging today). It's probably the perfect 32-yard bowshot I made on a waterbuck in South Africa. I was nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs after watching that old bull for two hours.

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