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If You Want to Thank Someone . . .

25 long years ago, I remember getting into hot water with my fiancé for skipping church when my VCR broke. I'd played hooky in order to watch a new show called "Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine" live on the old Nashville Network. This episode aired at 1 o'clock sharp, and my preacher had never once ended a sermon before 12:15.

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Whitetail Motif is Big Medicine

The ancient Native Americans designed very few motifs featuring the white-tailed deer, certainly not of monster-racked bucks, because their primary focus was meat, not antlers. Bill Leon is a Native American historian, archeological expert and flint knapping guru. He also happens to be a Buckmasters Trophy Records master scorer.

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You Gotta "LIKE" Buckmasters Facebook!

Live field updates, tips and giant buck newsflashes are just part of the fun. If you're anything like me and have to work for a living, just because you don't have time to hunt doesn't mean you don't think about hunting. Jackie Bushman and the Buckmasters film crew are out in the field from August through January each year, as well as Buckmasters editors, writers and staff, taking hunting trips all over the world.

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The Goat Cap

Every hunter seems to have one dear old thing they just can't bear to chuck. It's usually a cap, a lucky shirt, an old jacket, a rusty knife or something of great sentimental value. In the case of my 1986 Buckmasters membership cap, it hasn't mattered how ratty or smelly it's gotten, or how much the wife nags me to get rid of the "Goat Cap," it continues to earn a reprieve from Goodwill.

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