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Entries for September 2012

The Ideal Hunting Bullet?
The heat had passed with the sun, which helped, but as daylight slipped away, so, too, did my hopes for the animal I wanted the most - the one I'd traveled 8,000 miles to hunt. In a few minutes, it would be too dark to follow the tracks, and it wo...

Spur-of-the-Moment Hunt Kit
I love my job as the driver of the number 56 NAPA Toyota race car. The adrenaline rush of speeding around the track at 200 mph feels almost like drawing my bow on a big buck.

Black Hawg Down
Bouncing through the cattle pasture in a pickup, we were still within sight of the main dirt road when we spotted our first whitetail of the morning. That sighting was followed quickly by turkeys, plenty of doves, more whitetails and even an allig...

Back-Forty Giant
I started hunting deer in 1963, and I've had a Nebraska permit every year since, except for the four years I served in the Air Force. Even then, the two years I was stationed in Cheyenne, Wyo., I was able to hunt elk, deer and antelope. The deer ...

Reading Body Language
Communication among white-tailed deer always has intrigued hunters. North American Indians used crude calls to bring deer close, but only in the past 20 years or so has deer calling caught on among modern day hunters. However, most forms of white...

Will They Show Up Again?
Bob, I have about 200 acres in Eastern Kentucky. It has several food plots and mineral stations that are great places to set out trail cameras and record deer activity.

Alabama Waters Yield 14-foot Gator
By David Rainer -- Jamie Calvert of Selma admits he is not a very good judge of size when it comes to alligators in the Alabama River. In fact, he and his hunting mates – Blake Jones, Fielding Watts and Wil Tipton – had no idea that they had hooke...

LDWF assessing Hurricane Isaac's impact on deer
From Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries -- Louisiana biologists are assessing the impact of Hurricane Isaac on the deer populations in parishes flooded by the storm.

U.S. Experiencing Worst West Nile Virus Outbreak Ever
-- It's the beginning of September and the recent West Nile virus outbreak is the largest ever seen in the United States. As of the end of August, 66 people have died, 1,590 cases have been reported and 43 states have reported at least one person i...

Back from the Brink
I found the perfect spot to set up my blind and watch for a big buck. A funnel of trees between two large wetlands created a pinch point that deer had to use when going from bedding to feeding areas. It wasn’t difficult to see they were using the ...

The Trophy Photo
The time between the instant you spot a buck until you squeeze the trigger is often just a few seconds. The impact of that blip in time is everlasting. You relive it over and over in your thoughts and when spinning yarns to your buddies and famil...

Initial test for Kansas deer with CWD was false-positive
From Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism -- During July Kansas reported nine deer had tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD) in the 2011-12 testing period. The agency now reports two different tests did not detect CWD prio...

Indiana hunters can now purchase deer license bundle
From Indiana Department of Natural Resources -- 
Having the right license for the right deer season has become easier in Indiana with a new deer license bundle so one license can be used in multiple seasons.

Morning Glory
-- It was a cold Alabama morning, and being in the woods felt like a group of bullies was staring me down before handing out the beating of a lifetime. In other words, it was a feeling a hunter never forgets. I could almost feel the beady eyes of...

PVC Pipe Arrow Case
Recently I was in the market for a good hard case to store my arrows for transportation. I searched several sporting goods stores and found cases that were quite expensive, bendable and not exactly what I would consider to be well-designed.

You Could Set Your Watch
Everything had gone according to plan until about 5 p.m., when the wind suddenly kicked up and changed direction. Hurley Combs, now standing on his platform 15 feet up a tree overlooking the food plot, had told himself he wouldn't hunt this deer u...

Weatherby's Versatile SAS
It was a glorious September morning. The mountain air was crisp, the sky was washed blue and I was following a brace of incredibly well-trained German shorthairs through prime pheasant cover. We were hunting the famed Flying B Ranch, which sprawle...

Black Hawg Down
-- Bouncing through the cattle pasture in a pickup, we were still within sight of the main dirt road when we spotted our first whitetail of the morning. That sighting was followed quickly by turkeys, plenty of doves, more whitetails and even an ...

Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow
The oak tree is God’s gift to wildlife. Acorns are an important part of the food supply for nearly 200 animal species. Bears in northern Minnesota will travel more than 20 miles in the fall to feed on acorns. On my own land in Michigan, 30-year-ol...

Infrared vs. Flash Cams
Hello Bob. I enjoy you articles and have had a number of questions answered by them. One question I hope you will answer for me has to do with trail cameras and how deer react to them.
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