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Bill JordanCamo maker celebrates 25 years of helping hunters bag more game

By Ken Piper

As Buckmasters prepares to close the books on our 25th anniversary year, we wanted to take a moment to give props to Bill Jordan and Realtree, as they also turned 25 in 2011.

You might say the two companies grew up together, both starting out as low-odds dreams of the men who founded them, and then turning into industry-changing/creating staples.

Buckmasters internet editor Chris Brown and I had the pleasure to sit down with Bill and Tyler Jordan a few weeks ago to chat about Realtree’s amazing 25 years.

I had met and spoken with Bill several times throughout my years as the Buckmasters magazine editor, but his schedule never allowed for the kind of one-on-one time we enjoyed in that interview. Bill would probably say he’s a little older and wiser than he was 25 years ago, but his success certainly hasn’t made him forget where he came from, nor how blessed he is to be living his vision.

www.realtree.comHe’s still very hands-on with the company and has created a new Realtree pattern that will debut in 2013. I was surprised to learn that Bill draws out the patterns himself, using photos from the woods on his hunting property.

The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, and Tyler Jordan is as nice and as humble as his father. Tyler is mixing college with learning the ropes at Realtree while squeezing in a few hunts in the fall.

Join us in wishing Bill and the Realtree family a happy 25th as we celebrate Twelve Days of Realtree.

We’ll be sharing the interview in 12 internet-friendly parts so you can hear Bill and Tyler talk about the past, present and future of this great American company.

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