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100 Percent Hooked!

By Matthew Galewski

Whitetail DeerIn November 2007, I was blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime. After helping a friend do some last-minute work on a few tree stands for the upcoming gun deer season, I decided to take advantage of the last hour of daylight and go bowhunting.

After sitting for five minutes in my tree stand, I pulled my doe bleat and grunt call to try to stir up some action. The doe bleat must’ve worked, because a few minutes later, I saw a massive deer moving in the woods to my left.

I gave one short grunt to get the animal’s attention. The large buck stopped immediately and ripped up a small sapling with his antlers. After a few moments, he proceeded to walk down an ATV trail towards my stand.

The closer he got, the more my heart pounded; it almost felt like it was going to pop out of my chest! It took a considerable amount of concentration to stay focused and figure out how I was going to bag this deer.

I decided that once he got behind a cedar tree, which was about 20 yards away, I would draw my bow for the 10-yard broadside shot that would be presented when he stepped out.

But that’s now how it happened. The big buck ended up turning the other way and walking towards the left side of my tree stand. Once he got within five yards, which was basically right under the stand, I let my arrow fly.

The arrow struck the deer high and just behind the left shoulder. After running through the woods, jumping a nearby fence and circling a freshly picked corn field, the massive deer could go no farther.

The buck weighed 175 pounds field-dressed, green-scored 189 inches and sported a 24-inch inside spread.

This was my first year bowhunting and, of course, my first bow buck. I have wanted to get involved in bowhunting for quite a while, but never had the time or extra cash to do it. After this awesome experience, I am 100 percent hooked for life.

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