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10 Christmas Gifts Under $100

By Tracy Breen

-- Times are getting tough in this great land of ours. Spare cash is getting harder to find than ever before. However, just because you don't have a lot of money doesn't mean you cannot purchase a bowhunting item or two for your friends and family. There are plenty of products out there that cost less than $100, and any bowhunter would be glad to find them under the Christmas tree.
Here are 10 gifts under $100 each that are worthy of you consideration.

Archer Range RangefinderArcher Range Rangefinder
When heading for the woods, bowhunters shouldn't leave without a rangefinder, pull-up rope and tape measure to estimate your big buck's rack at home. The Archer Range Rangefinder is all of that wrapped up into one easy-to-use product. The manual range finder accurately judges distances out to 50 yards and gives you the horizontal distance like many high-end rangefinders that cost hundreds of dollars. 

The unit's tape measure doubles as a 33-foot pull up rope. After your bow is attached to the rope, simply climb up your tree and the rope automatically unwinds as you climb. Once you reach your stand, you can wind it back up. 

The unit has a clip so you can easily attach it to a belt buckle. The best thing about this multifaceted tool is it is inexpensive; it retails for $49.95 and does not use batteries. To learn more, visit

Big Buck BallzBig Buck Ballz
One item that is sure to catch the attention of deer hunters is Big Buck Ballz. Before you start laughing, realize that Buck Ballz is a great stocking stuffer for the serious deer hunter who enjoys using scent to outwit trophy bucks. 

Buck Ballz is a one-of-a-kind ball that contains a unique scent wicking system. To use the system, pour half a bottle of your favorite scent into the ball. The patented O-ring design keeps the scent contained inside the ball when not in use so it does not leak or let odor out. When you're ready to use the ball in the woods, give it a quarter of a turn and the unit opens slightly, causing the internal wick to slowly release the scent you poured into the product. 

When closed, the scent does not evaporate thus giving you months of continued use with the same half-ounce of scent. Buck Ballz also doubles as a yardage marker. You can pick one up for $12.95.

For more information, visit

Carnivore ClampCarnivore Clamp
If you hunt from a treestand regularly, you've probably had issues with not having enough cover to break up your outline in the tree. Either the tree doesn't have enough branches near your stand or the tree you're in doesn't have any branches at all. A new product on the market called the Carnivore Clamp is an easy-to-operate clamp that attaches to the base of your treestand. 

The clamp has two branch holders that can hold small branches. The branches are put in the holders, and there are small knobs on the clamp that allow you to tighten the branches in place so they can't fall out.

I recently tried one of these clamps, and they work great. I clamped it on my treestand platform, put a couple branches in it, and suddenly I had a lot of cover in front of me to keep me concealed. It only takes a second to attach the clamp to the stand. The best thing about the clamp is the price of $14.99! 

Hunter Safety System Lil' Tree StalkerTo find out more about the Carnivore Branch Clamp, visit
Hunter Safety System Lil' Tree Stalker
Treestand safety is very important. The Lil' Tree Stalker is perfect for young hunters. It is designed to accommodate hunters 50-120 pounds, and it offers a wide range of adjustments so youth hunters can wear it for several years as they grow.

Like all Hunter Safety System Harnesses, the Lil' Tree Stalker is easy to put on. The snap buckles make securing the vest easy for hunters of all ages. 

The Lil' Tree Stalker retails for $74.99 and will keep your young hunter safe in the tree. A larger, reasonably-priced version is also available for adults. To learn more about Hunter Safety Systems, visit

24/7 Scents Branch Magic24/7 Scents Branch Magic
24/7 Scents has a new product called Branch Magic, which is a thick substance made from the forehead glands of bucks. Branch Magic can be placed on a branch over a scrape to simulate a real licking branch. Branch Magic will add a touch of realism to any mock scrape setup. A 3/4-ounce bottle goes for $14.95.

This is a great addition to 24/7 Scents line of granule products that can be placed in scrapes or used to make a scent trail. The scent granules come in estrus, dominant buck, early buck and a special scent enhancer. Simply add half an ounce of the lure to the bottle, shake it up and pour it out. It makes expensive lures last twice as long.

To find out more, visit
Hot Shot Caliper ReleaseHot Shot Caliper Release
Hot Shot Releases, a division of Cajun Archery, produced one of the first archery releases decades ago. They continue to manufacture smooth shooting releases. The Hot Shot Caliper Release costs $49.95 and looks like other releases, but the extra-long trigger was designed to be shot with the middle finger, which can reduce trigger punch and improve accuracy. 

The trigger is as smooth as butter and shoots like a dream right out of the box. The Hot Shot Caliper comes with an adjustable Velcro wrist strap.

To learn more, contact them at 435-752-9302.
3b Outdoors Release Light Plus3b Outdoors Release Light Plus
Regardless of the type of release you shoot, one accessory worth purchasing is the Release Light Plus from 3b Outdoors. This tiny light attaches to the head of most releases and is designed to help bowhunters see their string loop in low-light conditions.

Simply push a button to turn it on. The light can be purchased for under $10.

To find out more, visit      
Heartland Wildlife Institute Plot ProtectHeartland Wildlife Institute Plot Protect
If you have ever built a food plot, you have probably had problems keeping deer away until the plot reaches maturity. As soon as a plot starts to grow, deer devour your hard work.

A new product called Plot Protect has been designed to solve that problem. Plot Protect is a granulated product saturated with the urine of predators like coyotes. Simply sprinkle the granules around the food plot during the growing season. The deer will stay away because it smells like coyotes are hanging out in the area.

One application will last several weeks. Plot Protect comes in an easy pour bottle and can be purchased for less than $20.

To learn more, visit
Atsko Sports Wash Detergent and UV KillerAtsko Sports Wash Detergent and UV Killer
Most deer hunters are aware of the fact that deer see ultraviolet (UV) rays and that many brands of camouflage clothes contain UV brighteners. One way to solve the problem is to spray your camo with UV killer before you go hunting. The problem is most laundry detergents contain UV brighteners.

Atsko's Sports Wash Detergent doesn't contain UV brighteners. Sports Wash and UV Killer go hand in hand and can be purchased together in a combo pack. Now you can spray your clothes with UV Killer and wash them with Sports Wash to ensure you will never give off a blue glow in the woods.

To find out more about these products, visit
ScenTote Bags
One of the biggest challenges scent-conscious hunters face is keeping their clothes free of human odor when they hike a long distance from truck to treestand. In situations like this, a scent-free garment can quickly be saturated with sweat and body odor.

ScenTote BagsWith the new ScenTote Field Bag, hunters can keep their favorite hunting clothes scent-free by storing them in the Field Bag. Like all ScenTote products, the Field Bag contains ScenTote's activated carbon web absorber that traps odors and releases carbon granules onto the contents of the bag.

It also has a scent-proof zipper that keeps odors out of the bag. The Field Bag comes with a gusset seam that expands, allowing the hunter to store an entire hunting suit and other garments that must stay odor-free.

The Field Bag had two large straps that can easily be thrown over a hunters' shoulder for a long hike to the treestand. The Field Bag retails for $34.99.

To find out more about ScenTote products, visit

Nobody needs a broadcast news report to tell them that times are tough and money is tight. Hopefully this short list of priced-right hunting gear will help your holiday budget go just a little farther this year.

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